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Grammarly was released in July 2009, but it took me a while to discover which of the tools would be best for me to use in my writing. Here are the reasons I selected Grammerly

We have all heard the expression that it is not what you say but how you say it that counts. That statement is on the mark! When I am preparing my manuscripts, nothing else is as important to me, but I type and pay no attention to my spelling or punctuation. When I first began writing, my coaches would tell me to get the content down first and then go back to edit. The problem is that often my words would run into each together or scramble in such a way, I was not sure what I had said. Time is one thing you cannot afford to lose as a writer with mistakes that can be avoided, and these simple errors can cost you while trying to recreate the same words, or worse, it can affect the flow which it had done to me. Many occasions, I had to recreate the word or rewrite the sentence from those simple errors.

When first considering Grammarly, I was unsure of the logic of buying a program since the options existed to use a dictating platform such as Dragon. So I did explore that possibility. It sounded reasonable, but for one thing. I purchased the external speaker but became spooked and just never installed it. Sometime later, I bought a new Apple MacPro computer, and the ability to dictate my work was on the keyboard, so I thought, why buy Grammarly or any other program?

That answer became apparent one day while marketing on Facebook. Never had I known, gave thought to or was warned that the dictating machine had a mind of its own and without proofreading my work, I trustingly hit the post icon, and my biggest nightmare had happened. I was so busy promoting that it went unnoticed until messages began rolling in asking me why I would say or use such language. The messages said, a sailors mouth would have been more pleasant. I deleted the post, but the damage had already been done. I immediately went back to look at the Grammarly program and found it was compatible with both my computer as well as our PC. They had a free program, so I used it for a month but found I wanted more. That program did improve my writing, but once I experienced the benefits without so many problems, I was and am convinced this program was a must for anyone who writes-books, messages, letters, e-mails or anything else that matters.

Sadly, I have likely earned a reputation for making spelling errors in e-mails, etc. but now with the program, I am proud of the accuracy of my e-mail messages, correspondences and most importantly, my manuscript preciseness. Not only has it improved my spelling but punctuation and sentence flow as well as being told when the same word is repeated in the same document too often or suggestions for ways to reword sentences. When writing it’s often easy to slip in and out of time such as the past and present tense. Fortunately, Grammarly has the ability to alert you when that occurs.

I have used it now for eight months, and again, I want more. My intentions now are to get the next package up which offers me even more. They even offer packages for businesses capable of sharing with multiple employees.

Writing clear and precise copy is a vast difference than to ramble with words not working together that will grab a readers attention. My marketing skills have also immensely improved, making me wondering if I had written a particular paragraph or not.

Grammarly is an extraordinary program, and my only real complaint (which may be operator error) is this that when you place your document in the Grammarly format, it will not transfer back with italicized words. I have just been too busy to explore this problem, but if I find it does work, this would then be an even more perfect fit for my needs and any writer. Even with this inconvenience, it has saved me hours from re-writes.

As you place each document into the Grammarly format, you're asked who your audience is, level of knowledge and inquiring about every aspect so reaching your specified audience, it’s done properly whichis useful for any message style you want to convey.

My confidence level as a writer has improved 150% since the first time I used this program, and my recommendation is that you use it. Why wait as I did? Get started today. The package up from the free plan is less than $150 a year and worth every quarter.

Questions or comments…please send in your replies through the contact page or e-mail me at: [email protected].

Fat Rooster Dog Toy & Chuckit! Ultra Squeaker Ball


Review Courtesy of Maggie and Parents

Rooster! Welcome to our home!

From the moment the box arrived, Maggie took to the contents before the package had even been opened. It was as though there was a magical spell in or on this package.

When reading the description provided on Amazon, one would have us believe this toy is totally indestructible with its chew guard technology. That is not entirely true…BUT, what is real is the immediate attachment I have seen every dog have with this most incredible Rooster.

Maggie has five chickens as we call them (roosters), but only because we spoil her, and they are all intact. Yes, they have all been in the toy hospital located in my sewing room, but she eagerly waits for their return. Once they had been out of sight, we had a very unhappy dog, so they recovered quickly and returned for more play.

The most critical issue I have found is that the very large and stiff label is in the middle of the Chicken’s (Rooster) backsides with the squeaker underneath it. But do not fret, there are five squeakers in this Chicken. Now, that is nothing but temptation for chewing so expect to be sewing the backside and filling it with extra stuffing. Yet at night she lays gently with it between her front legs as though she were hugging a security blanket.

Though it takes a beating from teeth, this toy wins hands down for a favorite of Maggie’s. This and her Chuckit Balls (loves her balls) can never be out of sight and travel with us everywhere.

Maggie is 5 years old now but has remained a chewer from puppyhood days. All we have ever dared to give her were the tough, ugly hard balls as nothing lasts. But, not so with this toy, we named Chicken. Seven days a week and at least 8 hours a day she chews….

Chicken or Rooster measures 14 x 12. 75 x 13 inches (the extra large size) and is a mouthful to carry around but have such personalities that our Maggie treats them as though they were real characters. She is very patient and always sets them in an upright position, facing whatever is going on in the room.

It appears that no corners were cut for quality and sewn for the chewers. Maggie has the ex-large toy because she enjoyed the challenge of toting them around. I had never seen a toy stitched as well with reinforced seams, and be super soft with Chew Guard Technology, which makes it more robust when compared to the regular standard plush dog toys.

On top of it all, customer service is outstanding. Their policy is to replace the toy if destroyed with no questions asked. However, if you want the same toy, you do need to tell them as they return it with a totally different toy. The identification number on Amazon is ASIN: B07872SW82 if looking for Fat Rooster Checkers!

Be sure to click through so you can begin another adventure with your furry friend and share this amazing find with every other dog lover and their fur babies.

Pull up your socks and sit down for a long evening of playtime with your fur child and Rooster.

Any questions or comments, please send through the contact page or write [email protected].

Mamie, Maggie, and Doug

Digital Multimeter, MECO DT9205A

Auto-Ranging Digital Electronic Clamp Meter Measuring Instrument AC Voltage Detector Portable Volt Test Meter

In the top left corner is the power button. In the center is the selector switch to choose the unit that you want to measure. LCD display: 3 "

We moved to a new home with an unfinished basement and this meter has come in handy with the to check if an outlet had power or if my electrical unit was not working. It is a lot easier to check (Please, always practice safety) if that breaker you opened actually turned off the power so that you don’t get shocked, grabbing some wires.

I am not a trained electrician but this unit is easy enough to use for that around the house maintenance.

This multi-meter works very well and I am very pleased with it and thankful I bought it having an opportunity to both use it and review it for you. The set up was quick and easy but best of all, extremely accurate.

Easy to use and comes with well written instructions
3” LCD display, great for an older set of eyes
4 connections-common (for the black lead) and Volt/resistance, milli amp, and 20 Amp
the packaging kept it secure so not to become damaged
weight is less than 10 pounds, and helps when having to carry the unit around while working
backlit for times you are in a dimly lit area or no lights at all auto shut off to prevent discharge
Use for checking fuses for vehicles to ensure they aren’t defective
Used to verify whether a halogen bulb is good

The auto-shut off though timed to avoid the battery from running down, should be longer

Diigital Multi Meter DT-9205A

Heavy Duty Playpen for Indoor and Outdoor Use
by Pet Trex

Maggie free to come and go

This gate system is a lifesaver. We bought this once in 2014 when Maggie was a puppy. We bought two, so we can use them inside or out. It kept her safe, allowed us to turn our back on a puppy who loved to chew up everything that would fit in her mouth while giving her a feeling of security in her own space with her blanket and toys.

We moved in 2017 and left our two units behind except a small section. Now, in 2019, we found another need for such a system. Maggie was severely injured and tore her knee apart. Sadly she may require surgery for a knee replacement, and she will need to heal in protective surroundings for several weeks, so we just took delivery on our third system. The gate system is large enough to allow us to be with her while keeping her safe. We bought two cloth playpens before this unit, and though cute, it was destroyed in no time. The zipper was inside, so it was chewed apart within fifteen minutes. The manufacturer recommends this system for dogs weighing up to 25 pounds or less. Maggie, now almost six years old, weighs more than 60 pounds, but not aggressive on anything, so we are not concerned she will try to escape or shove it over. However, for the safety of your pet, I recommend you follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Here are my pros and cons about this system.


Most important: Keeps your pets safe
Your chewer can't chew it up
Ability to run length-wise and create a rectangular enclosure-we used ours against a wall.
The gate allows easy access
Assembles in minutes
Break down and portable
Large enough for toys, blankets and food/water dish
Heavy-duty and sturdy
Adjustable to whatever size you need
Open at the top so not to make your furry family member feel confined
Made of a heavy gauge metal, includes eight panels 8.5 Hx 8.5 W, and a doggie door
Attractive with its black powder coating finish
Can be configured in several ways
Fair price
Great Customer Service


To be straight up, we have read some reviews with complaints, but we have owned three now and never found one thing to detour us from recommending this system to anyone. Our sweet Maggie was a hellion as a puppy, but she slept like an angel inside this pen. Every part was with our order, assembled quickly, held up well, and portable to take anywhere. I'm sorry, but as a reviewer, I tried to find anything negative to report, but there was none. I have no cons or complaints to make. Finding no negatives is rare for any product, but it is so with this pen.

I rate this playpen system a 5 Star and recommend it to anyone using it how it is suggested by the manufacturer.

Buy at Link below.