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Rosemary Mamie Adkins was born and raised in Houston, Texas where her love of the beach became a place for finding peace and the love of the sea...

Mamie has written 4 books and ghost written 23 books in the last few years.


Meet Maggie. Lover of a small green chew toy! Oh and did I mention she loves cookies? Yes! Vet accepted cookies and other recipes you can make with your very own pet. Just think of it: dog food for dogs and humans. Or is it human food for humans and dogs? You will also meet a few other dogs with heartwarming stories to tell about their lives and owners (like the luau wedding in the dog park with love cookies). As for the Beefy Beef Heart recipe, I do not recommend it- unless you have paws!

Zak Sherman

Manager, Silverdale, Wa. Library

The Generation Ark, surpassed my expectation as it delivered an in depth examination of their personal experience and a large, relevant sampling of many historic legacies left behind. This well written book is a masterful endeavor and I'm proud to give it 5 stars.

Linda Hales


Reflections of Mamie - A Story of Survival by Rosemary Mamie Adkins is the story of a little girl who didn't get the love she wanted from her mother. No, what she received were harsh, mean words and beatings that were executed in a way that wouldn't make them visible to other people. This memoir is heart-breaking in the beginning, and shows how much a little girl had to suffer and how easy it is to make a kid think everything is her fault. The story then slowly starts to show how things in life can still improve, how even hurt souls can slowly heal and dare to hope again. Life is never truly perfect, which you can also see in the memoir, but there are always opportunities and the story of Mamie shows the reader that there is always hope.

People who have an interest in memoirs and people who would like to know how to overcome their own damaged past should have a look at Reflections of Mamie - A Story of Survival by Rosemary Mamie Adkins as it is a tale full of hope and encouragement, but also of sadness. The writing style is nice, the words flow well, and you won't have a problem relating to the author, especially if you have had some similar experiences in your life.

Kim Anisi

Readers' Favorite

Rosemary Mamie Adkins has not written the ordinary travel book filled with facts, figures, dates, and sites to see. All of that is included in this book, but she also offers us her personal preferences, her likes and dislikes, tips on what not to miss, and tips on what she and her husband, Doug, would not do again or where they would not repeat a visit. Mamie is not an expert on Ireland or travel writing, but that has advantages in itself because she is like most of us when we visit Ireland for the first time. Her trip to Ireland in the summer of 2011 was a lifelong dream, a surprise to celebrate her husband’s retirement and their anniversary. She thoroughly researched the trip before she went, and she made contacts with people at many of the finest hotels and most celebrated tourist stops, but she also offers us a person’s first impressions of the Emerald Isle. Her experiences, consequently, are more likely to be those of anyone else contemplating a first trip to Ireland, which makes the book less overwhelming than many, and more like having a personal friend along to share the journey.

Readers will be awed by beautiful Kylemore Abbey, enjoy a boat ride to the Cliffs of Moher, maybe consider twice sailing to the Aran Islands—not a good experience for Mamie due to seasickness—enjoy a banquet at Bunratty Castle, and visit numerous wonderful Irish towns from Killarney to Galway, just to mention a few. Mamie also speculates on such Irish mysteries as just who was the real Molly Malone, known for selling “Cockles and Mussels, Alive Alive-O” and what are the origins of the Blarney Stone.

Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D.

Mamie is a master storyteller. She quickly hooks you so that you want to keep reading to see what happens next. Mamie’s writing expresses her heart. She shares her pain in Reflections of Mamie in order to help others. Mamie shows how hope can propel one to succeed and find true love. The book is a must read for someone recovering from the pain of abuse.

Judy Lindsay


Mamie, at Mamie Books, writes from her heart and I have had the privilege of reading many of her ghostwriting assignments `which have been non fiction. Her style is open and she spends whatever time is needed to research topics making your books better. The other thing I like about Mamie is her willingness to go the extra mile to keep her clients informed of the rights. I am a business owner and appreciate her integrity in the working world.

Deborah Hughes

Two Sisters Jewelry, Washington

I met Mamie at a book signing event with my friends who she had written a book for and decided to approach her to write a book for me as a ghostwriter. We discussed it in detail and her fees were so reasonable I decided to go for it. I wanted to try writing some of it myself and found it to be challenging but great enjoyment working with Mamie. She turned my words into ones fit for a book and stayed in the background.
The latest book she co-authored made me realize how important legacies are and it is another reason why I decided to move forward.

Jonathan Hayes

United Kingdom