Why Fundraise with Mamie Books?

Fundraising is always a guessing game where you take risks. However, what better way to help your schools, clubs, charitable groups or church organizations than to getting America back to reading…and with fun, educational or entertaining books at no risk?

We at Mamie Books, have researched ways we can offer you a risk-free way to raise funds for whatever purpose while having the opportunity to help the charities you may not have considered before but while helping yourself. Mamie and Doug Adkins work tirelessly to help you accomplish your goals.

Our books donate a percentage to their specific titles such as, Reflections of Mamie: A Story of Survival, which gives to groups that help assist abused children or adults that are still struggling the long term effects of abuse. The same goes with our book titled, Maggie’s Kitchen Tails: Dig Treat Recipes and Puppy Tales To Love, donating a percentage to agencies that protect abused animals.

This year, co-authored with Simon Ambrose, Mamie Books, offers a newly launched book titled, Generation Ark, How To Create An Enduring Legacy. This new book provides a plan for how to preserve the legacies of your life and this of the past by demonstrating the importance of history and illustrations from the caveman to holograms. Generation Ark, How To Create An Enduring Legacy, is another excellent choice fitting for any age.

Each of our books is available in this program. We have broken the programs down which will show you the profits, qualifying discounts and explains your no risk plan. Please write to us for these offers, and we are happy to send you a package explaining how it breaks down for you.

The good news: you can select one or all books so that you can offer several choices to your customer so long as you can reach an order count that allows the prices to remain at their lowest.

We supply you with your order blanks, a flyer sale sheet to include a synopsis of each book and everything to make your sales easy.

So America, lets us be responsible for getting back to basics while fundraising. Do we need to sell more chocolates or food? Literacy in the world can begin here at no risk to you.

Beginning at a minimum of only 34 books you can start to make money for your charity, and the profits go up from there.

Plan for the holidays, and begin your fundraising program when school is out by collecting your orders all summer…then when school starts again in September; you can be ready for new budgets. This plan is available all year, and all you need to do is reach out for your information. Click on the tab contact me and submit your questions or comments!

Thank You,
Mamie and Doug