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Ghostwriting Opportunities

Become a published Author

Have you ever dreamed about writing a book about your life but had no idea where or how to begin? Perhaps you have a draft started, but it’s been laying in a drawer the last few years from not knowing how to make it take shape. Many people who don't have the time or the skill but do have the desire to write a book will often hire ghostwriters.

Welcome to Mamie Books, where we can make your dream come true. Our company has a team of professionals that will create your book from each phase of publishing with creative non-fiction being our specialty. Our team will design your cover, format the interior pages, and work with you to develop each critical stage of a manuscript that will become a published book. Over 25 books are the experience we bring to you.

Don’t allow your legacy to fall apart and be forgotten. Creative nonfiction can be a joyful experience for you while sharing your story with the world.

Ghostwriting is your first stop when you have a book idea that nags you to complete but that you have not the slightest idea on how to get started. Ghostwriters are hired to write your story, developing a final book.

We are here and offer a comprehensive book writing service for the following:

  • Planning
  • Ghostwriting
  • Editing
  • Book Cover Design
  • Formatting
  • Re-write
  • Organize written material
  • e-Book conversion packages
  • Publishing
  • Marketing: You will learn where and how to market your books

We can write it for you, or assist you in writing, but we only offer two packages. We work with you one on one, offering you years of experience and with complete confidentiality amongst our team.

We work with the best publishers in the industry and will share our experience to make your part one that fulfills your dream. See your book on sale at Amazon, and be published with Ingram/Sparks, but get started today.

Don’t get stuck for ideas with writing blogs or any content? We at Mamie Books, also offer this service but remain in the background while you receive full credit.

Mamie Books will offer you several options and have a specialized team for your personal needs. Our graphic artist works tirelessly to provide you with book cover ideas, but he never uses a template so that you will have a unique book cover that stands out. A professional editor will provide you with competent but sometimes brutally honest opinions for what flows the best.

Each step is lined out for you to the end where your book becomes a reality. Costs vary depending on the depth of what is required, research needed and what you provide. Our fee works with a modest deposit but divided out equally over the time it takes to complete...if it takes three months or 12 that is how we operate the fees due.

Do you want to know what our skills are? Please read the testimonials here. Send away for one of my books or read the reviews on Amazon.

Please send an e-mail to [email protected] for information on how you can get started or leave your information here on the contact page. Tell us about yourself, what your goals are, what you hope to achieve so we can make your dreams a reality. If you want to write it yourself, we also offer a special package to accommodate your needs while helping you achieve the goal of actually completing your book.

Welcome to Mamie Books!


Confused about writing Your Own Book

Mamie Books

Greetings My Fellow Authors!

Have you had a dream to write your books but never found the time or were too busy? Maybe you have a manuscript started but find it sits in a drawer for years at a time. It is what happens to so many trying to write their books.

My name is Mamie, and along with my husband, Doug, we bring to you, Mamie Books. Collectively we bring to you more than 150 years of experience. WOW! That even shocked me! However, the truth is we have all loved every moment we have had our hands on a book, creating it from conception, researching data, designing and at times cursing it. However, we have in the end loved each task we take on. Finding my team was difficult as we tend to be a perfectionist and we were not willing to accept less from our team. Each one of us has the same belief that we do our best the first time around. We will not allow ourselves to do re-writes because of laziness, nor entertain attitudes that anything is just good enough.

Our goals and mission are to produce, create and deliver a book for you that you can be proud of claiming. While you attend book events, you will be confident we have provided you with a quality book that you too have been a part of creating. You will participate in its development, and approve of each chapter as it develops. Currently, we are only accepting nonfiction assignments, but review every idea before we agree to take a job.

Our graphic arts designer can turn your book into everything you dream about having the skills to create for you a unique cover. He prefers to create your style not using templates but using his naturally talented efforts for an excellent outcome. Why look like every other book on the market with a template? His attitude: Create your dreams, but do not consider copying another person's reality. My last book before making a complete commitment to ghostwriting was co-authored with a good friend, Author Martha Char Love, and my husband, Doug Adkins. It was intoxicating yet satisfying on every level. Maggie’s Kitchen Tails: Dog Treat Recipes and Puppy Tales To Love, was inspired by my service dog who began life sick from the effects of extreme abuse. However, this book taught us that no matter what your skill levels are, with heart and desire anything can be accomplished. It taught us the importance of research and making sure mistakes were at a minimum. Three skill levels all working together each with their own experience. Teamed with graphic arts designer, Duncan Fyffe, we created a fantastic book that we have never seen anything like it since.

Our editors and proofreaders each have over 30 plus years experience in writing, executing and proofreading many types of books, blogs or documents. Our software also aids us with high tech editing as well as design. Even better than programs, our team members love what they do.

Don’t let your dream get pushed to the sidelines…dreams do come true at Mamie Books. We offer a few programs one of which should work for you.

We all welcome you to Mamie Books!

Mamie, Doug, Chris, and Duncan

Book covers and artwork designed by Duncan Fyffe. Check out my website HERE!

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Author-Ghostwriter, Founder/Co-Director, and Writing/Publishing Coach



Founder/Co-Director and Professional Proof-Reader/Editor

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Professional Proof-Reader/Editor

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Graphic Designer: Cover design, Layout, Interior Formatter


I worked with Mamie and her team three years ago, and I am ready to write another book this month. I did not believe anyone could capture my voice and write the way I would, but when I received the first chapter, I was stunned. I live in the UK, and obviously, there are differences in our English, but there was no problem for Mamie writing in my voice. She was right on spot. It was exciting, challenging, rewarding and Mamie made it easy for me. She gave me assignments to complete for her information, held weekly SKYPE calls and emailed me every week with progress reports and with it, she was able to complete my award-winning book. What I liked most of all was that Mamie was not a ghostwriter that takes on several books at one time and gives you her utmost and total attention. Her team did an excellent job designing my cover with just as it was to be!

Thank you, Mamie

Charlie Williams


I met Mamie online, and she was straight forward with me on all of my inquiries. We spoke for about an hour, and I signed up with her on that afternoon. It was a great experience, and I can hardly wait to try it again. I wanted to write it myself, so she took the written material and cleaned it up so it flowed well and it stayed with the same tone as mine. I drug my feet, but Mamie stayed in touch with me even though I lived in another country and we are many hours difference in time. My book is a complete success. Thank you to the entire team.

Daniel Chen


I am writing this recommendation about the experience of working with Mamie, to show my sincerest gratitude for her hard work and passion towards her clients like myself.  I had an opportunity to work with Mamie on my first book, The Golden Lady Of Nepal, which will launch in June 2019, and Mamie helped me complete it into an extraordinary book.

It was challenging to write my first book because there are lots of things I was not aware of like the different titles for chapters and sub-titles, compelling right words, correct factual information to the proper timelines and chapters, and more. I am from Nepal, but I have never had a problem with language while working with Mamie, and she was a blessing for me.

She is a very passionate, dedicated, hardworking personality type of person. Sometimes, I used to get confused, so I had to ask the same questions two or three times, but she never showed attitude. Instead, she explained it until I understood. She is magnificent on following up as well. Mamie even helped me with getting more and better information by researching to fill in details needed for which I was not aware of how to do.

I have no words to explain how much I appreciated the fantastic job she has done to complete my book, and I felt very comfortable working with her. So, I want to strongly recommend to others that if you have the opportunity to work with this great award winning Author, be sure that you do. If you're going to write it yourself or need help to compile your book, you can find many ordinary authors for that, but If you are looking to write a great book which is more than a regular book, then please allow yourself to work with Mamie. Her passion and experience of over two decades of writing and publishing books for herself and others is her asset as well. I wish her the best of luck for her journeys ahead.

Bob Bhandari

Bhakta - The Golden Lady of Nepal

I honestly thank God for allowing me to have had the opportunity to have worked with Mrs. Mamie Adkins. She helped provide me support, ideas, and motivation when writing the first chapter of my story of survival in an incredible book featuring other writing leaders including Les Brown! My story is not one I had ever imagined sharing with a couple of people but now with so many. Mamie inspired me with her own story and her strength, and we connected on a very high level. She helped me write my chapter and provided me with the support I needed to get through it. Although we’ve walked separate paths, I feel very connected to Mamie, and as I mentioned, incredibly grateful and blessed to have met her. Mamie is incredible, her ideas are brilliant and the way she words, things work. It’s rare I meet someone with such a pure heart, I long for the day we could meet in person. I admire her strength and her ability to continue to push through the challenging roads that she’s traveled. Mamie, you’re one of my heroes, and I couldn’t be happier to have met you. Thank you, Mamie!

Gone, But Not Without Hope

The Authorities-Monica Montgomery

Monica Alexandra Montgomery

The Authorities-Monica Montgomery

Finding a ghost writer is no easy task.  After a frustrating experience working with several other ghost writers we finally connected with Mamie.  When we first talked, we outlined what we were looking for and the style of writing we wanted for our book.  My writing skills are limited to technical manuals which is a very different style of writing to what we were looking for.  We needed someone that could work from miscellaneous notes, short stories and bullet points and then transform them into something exciting, motivational and fun. 

At first we were skeptical about working with another writer having had so many difficulties finding the right fit.  After a lengthy conversation, it was obvious when we first talked to Mamie that she understood our needs and shared many of the same values as ourselves.  It was also important to find someone who could accurately reflect our thoughts and objectives.  We hit it off right away with Mamie.   She clearly understood our needs and dived straight in taking over what we had started.  She provided guidance on striping out what we did not need or want, cleaning up what was already started and re-organized everything so it made sense and flowed smoothly.  Once the cleanup was completed, we were able to focus and get back on track.  We actually started having fun working together on our book with a renewed sense of purpose and focus. 

We would definitely work with Mamie again should we decide to write another book.  We had a lot fun working together and she has a wealth of knowledge we needed to get our book published.  She also provided us with the necessary contacts and suppliers to help with publishing, graphics design and promotional materials.

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Michael & Manuela Noel

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