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Beech Tree Restaurant and Cafe Bar


     Meet Lynne Alldritt, Proprietor, and host for The Beech Tree Restaurant and Cafe Bar, which is located off the West Highland Way walking trail. This quaint location offers a quiet setting with beauty around you to soak up nature in most any way possible. You have your choice of inside or outside dining and a menu with endless possibilities. Its location is just before the Glengoyne Distillery.

Also for your pleasure, the proprietor offers a bar and a gift shop. It was ideal for a meal! The Beech Tree Cafe Restaurant and Bar comes highly recommended by Chris Ambrose, one of our editors, and an avid walker. He is not only an editor for Mamie’s Team of Mamie Books, but he is also an author himself. His latest book is titled, My Boots Are Made For Walkin’, The First 3,000 Miles, where he offers trails for exploring around the world.

Chris is somewhat of a daredevil and tried the appetizer offered he felt was the most outrageous.  Grasshoppers! He indeed enjoyed them and moved on to deciding what his main course would be. He also tells me, if you walk away from there not stuffed, it is your fault as the portions for every meal he saw was enormous, with an exquisite presentation.

After I had been in contact with Lynne, I found her, the owner to be upbeat, positive in personality, and determined to make her restaurant cafe to best the best around. Lynne has even provided a discount to anyone with either one of our books, including Chris Ambrose’s or with the mention of this review. See it below..

Now, for the main meal, check out this hamburger.  When I saw this online, it made me hungry! The portions here are quite extraordinary and far more than most restaurants.

She also offers on her menu a special offer. If you dare, to take the FB Burger challenge (not featured), then visit the restaurant web site at for further details.

Surprise-for your bonus-to visiting my web site, Mamie Books, tell Lynne hello and receive a 10% discount just for having read about it here.

If you happen to be walking the trail with your best four-legged friend, the restaurant offers special seating for your dog? So why not enjoy an excellent meal and you may find something special for them as well.