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Gone, But Not Without Hope

Monica Montgomery, Author


Monica Montgomery, Author of Gone, But Not Without Hope, presents the life of a small three month-old baby, swept from the warmth of her loving home and her mother. Kidnapped, and taken from the  United States in the early summer, of 1996, along with her siblings, to Oaxaca, Mexico, where she remained for several years. The days were long for this child while spending them sitting in an old rusty sink inside the kitchen of her house in the middle of nowhere. She was away from the only joy she had known of her loving family. The only reassuring thing for her was that her brother Nick, and sister Angel, were also taken, though she did not see them often. Her brother and sister were kept in the barn, while her life was kept somewhat isolated. By now, you are wondering who this child was. This story is non-fiction and about the life and times of Author Monica Montgomery.

Monica writes her story from the heart with the intentions that the reader will find hope and inspiration to never to give up and fight for their life and their very existence. She found herself having to do so often as she fled from place to place. Monica feels,what made it so emotional was her kidnapper was her biological father, Antonio. She believes he did not want any of them, but to expose these children to despicable lives.

I won't spoil the surprising events of this relationship, but I encourage you to pick up a copy of The Authorities,' Powerful Wisdom From Leaders In The Field. You will find your strength from this authors' remarkable grit to keep on marching through life when she had known no mercy for many years. Her story takes the lead amongst eleven other authors chapters, and once you begin reading it, you won't be able to put it down. Wait until you learn what Monica Montgomery has done to change her life by never giving up.

Sharing her life was a particularly tricky undertaking as Monica, had only one chapter out of twelve, divided in a book titled, The Authorities, Powerful Wisdom From Leaders In The Field. Several authors gathered their own story to share to bring you a unique look at several topics of discussion. But Monica stepped way beyond the boundaries of a single chapter and has written from her heart pulling no punches and sparing no details so you can benefit from her tragic life and how she has overcome it in spite of the odds to a successful life as a business entrepreneur.

A graphic emotionally packed drama in 21 pages along with her style accomplished what most others have difficulty doing in multiple chapters. Bravo, Author Monica Montgomery! Your tenacity to complete such an arduous journey has inspired so many and give hope to kidnapped victims everywhere. Monica's heartbreaking story has acted as a catalyst for herself and those who were once a victim, but now a survivor celebrating life.

Monica Montgomery


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See It, Like It, Do It

Michael & Manuela Noel



See It Like It Do It

Michael and Manuela Noel 

Get ready for the ride of your life! 

Mike and Manuela Noel, authors of this award-winning non-fiction book, are indeed two of the most adventurous fun-loving and spirited couple I have ever known. They make success a downright laughable joy, and hearing their tales gives exhilarating a new meaning!

As this award-winning book begins, they share with you their first date which takes place at some obscene hour of the morning when Mike walks into Manuela's life shouting, Honey, I'm home!! Manuela shouts back. It's 3 O'clock in the morning, who the hell are you? I'm Mike, and I want to take you out for coffee! Quoting from their book: You don't get to pick your beginnings, but we wouldn't have ours any other way. It was brash, it was unexpected, and it proved that sometimes, love comes calling when you least expect it.

That’s a small preview of what is in store for you as you travel the world over with them, peek in on Mike while he plans the bizarre birthday surprise for Manuela with tricks I hope my husband never dreams up! You’ll marvel at the most incredible way Manuela can bring style to any jewelry found in the strangest of places, grin as you observe her way with animals and lets not forget the crazy stunts in store for you from Mike! Yes, indeed this book will entertain you but you will come away with a smile in your heart still learning valuable lessons on how you too can enjoy a life like theirs. It is a lot of hard work, but they tell you it is possible if you really want it.

So, from that first date on, their journey takes you on the ride of your life through the hard times they endured and bounce back effects of investments. Ballroom dancing and competitions were only the icing for these two. Businesses were just another challenge, and they met each with enthusiasm and lust to learn whatever they needed to, so it succeeded. I dare you to think of a business they may not have tried! From hair styling to kissing a camel, Mike and Manuela show you how to love each day of your life good or bad but also teach you that not everything is all roses

They endured their share of disappointments but always landed on their feet. It was that never give up drive that kept them fueled one day after the next. Make no mistake, this couple though enjoying crazy stunts like driving tanks and collecting wine from around the world or flying to Paris for dinner knew how to save their money, invest it and become successful in real estate. They reach out and help many who need a jump start in life as well. Oh, I forgot to tell you…Mike and Manuela were also inducted into the International Investor Hall of Fame, for their selflessness in helping others.

Mike and Manuela live the title of this book…See It, Like It Do It.

If you are looking for a book that educates and keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering what's next, here it is! See It Like It Do It, Achieving Your Dreamsis ready for you and available on both their website and Amazon. If you want to succeed in life and capture good times, this book is just for you. But I would also recommend you pi ck up a few copies for the holidays and become the most popular gift giver of all. Help your friends and family laugh and succeed in life with their own copy.


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