Generation Ark How To Create An Enduring Legacy

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Every being on Earth has a legacy…Wouldn’t you love to meet your relatives that lived 100 years ago or speak to your great, great, great grandchildren in the future?



Is This You?

I have no clue where to begin my legacy…Oh my goodness, I shouldn’t have waited so long…I’m sick…Now what?…Maybe still time…Oops-it’s too late…I’ve left this world and no legacy for my family…Now, they will never know!

If these are your words coming down the way, please do not wait until it is too late. Your intentions are wonderful but intentions never tell a story accept that…maybe that was their intention!

Our time on earth is precious and what we do with it matters long in to the space of eternity. Most of us worry about finishing each day of our work, paying our bills, staying healthy so we can take care of our families and forcing our desired wishes for future dreams on to back burners that may or may not ever be realized. What we fail to do is recognize which of the dreams are really necessities of life and should not really be in the back of our future plans. It is our responsibility to create a legacy for our family they can be proud of and that will carry on for generations into the future. Our diagram above is simply to demonstrate what most of us struggle to overcome and how, while we remain indecisive, the most crucial of all tasks get left undone, and that’s to protect our families of the past, present and future. Using the diagram, you can begin the most important time you will spend with your family as you gather the information needed from one another, assuring you the journey of a lifetime is successful.

Every human or being on Earth has a legacy…What’s Yours? Will you pass yours along to future generations or journey through life, ending as an unknown, losing all recognition to your family, decades into their futures??

Our goal at Generation Ark, is to educate everyone who cares about the footprint they leave on life, exactly how a legacy can be created either on your own or with our help, so everything can be accomplished before it is too late, with regards to .the end of your earthly existence but the beginning of your eternal journey.

Wouldn’t you love to meet your relatives that lived 100 years ago or speak to your great, great, great grandchildren in the future? It’s all possible and we will share the past and future with you, showing you by example, days from the Cavemen that scratched out messages on a wall to 3D images of the future. Don’t let your life’s journey lay dormant never to be heard from again…Let your life and those you care about flourish with knowledge, by taking them along on the journey of life. Your legacy just may be what the world, finds to be the next, game-changer for the generations to come.


“What do you want to leave behind, when you depart this world? Simon Ambrose and Rosemary Mamie Adkins, authors for Generation Ark: How to Leave an Enduring Legacy, inform us of how the message of who we are is important to preserve, so we can pass down our footprint to future generations. Ambrose and Adkins explain our legacy is not just built from memories but of traditions, behaviors, physical objects, or places we’ve shared with others. The book offers many practical methods of how to save your legacy, such as making a family tree or speaking to past generations to gain information.

However, if one were adopted and had little to no knowledge of family history, it may be a challenge to collect factual information, but can still leave a legacy from themselves with their own immediate families and even their adopted families. This was an enjoyable read which reminded me how the small things can affect someone else’s life.”

-Kecia Doke


“Legacies are what you think of as belonging to only the wealthy but this book demonstrates that actually they belong to everyone. After reading this book, I realized that time is far more precious than I already knew and are critical that they are shared. Thinking of my own parents and grandparents, I have to wonder some things about them I do not know but could fill my heart with those memories had they been preserved in ways offered in this delightful book.

Martha Char Love, author of What’s Behind Your Belly Button? A Psychological Perspective of the Intelligence of Human Nature and Gut Instinct

The Generation Ark, is a unique presentation of the importance for preserving a legacy. Authors Simon Ambrose and Rosemary Mamie Adkins, take us on a journey through time and a look into the future,. An obviously intense determination to make sense of losing loved ones, and having no way to reach back for them in future generations.

The most treasured gifts of all are the memories a family generates together and Simon and Mamie, go to great lengths to gift us with an intensive education on how to create our own enduring legacy because no life was ever lived in vain. In the end, they show us how they can help us, to never be without our memories again.

The Generation Ark, surpassed my expectation as it delivered an in depth examination of their personal experience and a large, relevant sampling of many historic legacies left behind. This well written book is a masterful endeavor and I’m proud to give it 5 stars.”

-Linda Hales


“Generation Ark, explains the concept of legacies, such as what and why a legacy is of such importance and why we need to preserve ours for generations ahead, for family or friends. Simon Ambrose, and Rosemary “Mamie” Adkins, present to us the  many different kinds of legacies…such as personal and business legacies.

Their book encourages you to protect and preserve your life for generations ahead, leaving a legacy for those years beyond so they can learn all about who you were, with perhaps influencing many lives and the circle of individuals around you.

For example, the reader is encouraged to preserve their own and their ancestors’ legacy, through construction of family trees, time capsules and heirlooms.”

-Allan Kane, MD, FACS


“Generation Ark: How to Leave an Enduring Legacy, was a wake-up call and made me realize that while we are busy in life building our legacy, you do not think about one day no longer being around to tell your grand or great grandchildren about the life you have lived. Even those who have no children in their lives have family of some sort or close friends that care, so not leaving a legacy preserved for all of those whose lives you have influenced could be hurtful to so many.”

-Marty Wright