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TIC TOC…Tic Toc…Time’s Up!
Living Your Life In Abuse

Tick tock..tick tock...Rage is lurking, ready and waiting to explode at any given moment. Will you be it’s next victim? Or will you have the courage to fight back? It’s early in the morning and time to wake but you lay under the covers shivering in fear your abuser will find an excuse to strike again. Dread fills your heart each day with your mind full of questions. Why does my world around me hate me so much? What lies am I suppose to tell when others ask me what happened to my face or when undressing in gym class, what happened to you?

Can you imagine living your life each day wondering how you will cover the welts from a fine leather belt or cool your skin from the effects of hot scalding water poured over your legs? How will you cover up yet another unprovoked attack? So many questions and if you are only a small child, where do you find the answers? Abuse comes in many sadistic forms but the results are the same. The first thing you must realize if you can, is that it’s not your fault. Nothing you could ever do should bring this act of violence to your life.

This young child suffered at the hands of her mother with being cut, beaten savagely, burned, molested by a family friend while her mother stood by watching and rejected to the point of near suicide. Sadly, her abuse began at age three (3) years as did her nightmares. Spoiled friendships and hampered adult relationships were difficult to escape as she never knew what love was until she was almost thirty-nine (39). As other abuse victims, Mamie could not even find refuge with the police who only told her she should not speak about their family in such a manner. Yet in her head like a merry-go-round she could only hear the words, Miss Sara, Miss Sara, please don’t hit my baby no more! Those sounds of fear echo in her mind even 65 years later. Abuse is destructive and though you fight to survive and maintain the attitude to never give up, memories will fade but never leave you.

You may ask what circumstances she lived under…was she from a poor family, or one who had nothing and felt the stress of life, or was she raised in a family with means and not wanted due to her sexual gender? You may even be asking what she did to deserve the beatings! REALLY? If you ever ask that question, I strongly suggest you get help. No one under any condition deserves torture as a way of life. All of the above applied to her life as it does to millions. Her name is Mamie. She has lived more than half of her life in varying types of abuse. How do I know? Because that girl was me and I want you to understand that life is what we decide to make it. Never give up and never be a victim…you are too good for them and you will be a survivor.

This story is not unusual and why awareness must be brought to light so our future generations do not become world leaders rising from the terrors of abuse and perhaps not recognize the best way for peace.

Yes, following abuse most of us want to lash back and hurt those badly who inflicted what feels like a lifetime of terror. While some of us embrace our abusers and want to forgive yet we carry the scars forever. But only you can decide which it will be…I only know you must shake it off yourself by any means possible…counseling, screaming at the top of your lungs to release the pent up fear and anguish, but never with acts that would make you ashamed later. For me, Mamie, I had to fight back and be the strongest possible if I was to maintain the attitude to never give up. It took me sixteen (16) years to write my book but it served as a catalyst for myself and the only way I had to help others. Suicide is final and in a way, selfish so it was far better for me to understand that, embrace the thought of not quitting and set out to let the world know they were not alone. I had to reach down deep and bring back memories that had been suppressed and allow scenes to play back (flashbacks) in my mind in order to deal with them one at a time. Reflections of Mamie, A Story of Survival was published and accomplished exactly what I had hoped it would do. Reaching out to others and I plead with you to do the same so the victims never feel alone and will become survivors.

Do you realize there are multiple types of abuse? You would be shocked to learn let alone understand the many ways, in which part of our society suffers at the hands of others. I know of several people, both me and women, along with animals that have all suffered abuse in ways unspeakable to me.

Our very own sweet Maggie, our rescue dog was badly abused and we adopted her at the young age of 8 weeks yet at that early time in life she had experienced the cruelty abuse brings and instead of being a happy puppy, she was afraid! Be sure to check out our book titled: Maggie’s Kitchen Tails, Dog Treat Recipes and Puppy Tales to Love. Maggie is many ways, though she was beaten and afraid, reached out to me and has become my service dog, saving my life many times over. A share of our profits go to assist those needing help to recover whether it be child, adult or animal. Please stop by and read through my books page at: www.MamieBooks.com/books/ for a glance into the Mamie Books world.

Most people are alarmed when I speak about abuse and find it heart shattering to know victims of abuse often lay awake in an effort to be alert or prepared for when the next attack may take place. Some victims are unable to sleep from the abuse they endure from hunger and not being allowed to eat, or lay in sheer terror, vomiting from fear and crippled to help themselves from possible retaliation of ever speaking up as I had most of my younger years.

Yes, do ask yourself if abuse has any shame. The shame should not be at the feet of the victim, but to the perpetrator, but does it? Have you ever said out loud or to yourself, what a shame but I do not want to get involved? That is undoubtedly the easy way out but is it right?

My story is not unusual but why awareness must be brought to light so our future generations do not become world leaders rising from the terrors of abuse and perhaps not have the ability for creating or maintaining peace.

Here are just few types of abuse more commonly experienced. The following contact numbers are provided below if you need help. Please, if you suspect someone or an animal is being abused contact the authorities for immediate assistance..

If you are being abused:
Call: (810)-275-0755
Dreamcatchers For Abused Children (Worldwide non-profit organization)


One Love
Call: 1-844-832-6158
https://www.joinonelove.org/get-help/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwyerpBRD9ARIsAHITn_ OzmdbEI0Bv6CAhcsNMfyfU6XBQ25C1ClLvA2sDmwasdffHL7L1r8aAnnhEALw_wcB

Are YOU An Abuser…Get Help For Yourself
Love is Respect

Call: 1.866.331.9474
For the sake of lives…DO IT TODAY!
A message from the Humane Society but please reach out for all abuse victims. If you witness suspected cruelty to animals, call your local animal control agency as soon as possible or dial 9-1-1 if you're unfamiliar with local organizations. If you make a report of alleged animal cruelty, the responding agency is required to investigate.
Call your Human Society for help: 202-452-1100 or 866-720-2676

These are the most common types of abuse:
• Domestic Abuse - In a relationship, one tries to control the decisions made with discussion
• Child Abuse - A brutal type of abuse as most children are defenseless.
• Emotional Abuse - Are you humiliated in front of family and friends? Sexual relationships should be a choice but often used to control a victim demonstrating their power over them.
• Physical Abuse - Any physical force used against you in violence. It can range from food cruelty to physical abuse using about anything to inflict pain. Force feeding is also a form of abuse.
• Mental Abuse - Mental abuse is a wide range of insults. Threatening you or your family, destroying your property or anything of important to you, harming your pets or neglecting anyone in the family and sometimes threatening to kill themselves or you if you try to leave. These are serious threats and you need to get out quickly.


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