Reflections of Mamie – A Story of Survival (Hard Cover)

The story begins in the early 1950’s suburbs of Houston, Texas. Mamie is a young child of four who was unwanted, afraid, abused and with nowhere to turn, learned that she had to stand alone. Her only friends were her older brother, an abused child himself, and her nanny, who begged their mother to stop beating them. The father, though he loved his children, remained passive to the end. A victim himself, the only protection he offered was a warning to stay out of their mother’s reach.

Mamie, the main character in this story draws you close to her dreams and hopes as she suffers the neglect and abuse from her mother. A young girl who spends her entire life searching…no, pleading for her mother’s love and approval, but instead receives only physical, mental, and emotional abuse in return. This unsettling tale is more a story of hope as Mamie’s fighting spirit leaves the reader in awe at the young girl who comes to life on the tear-stained pages.”

Her only thought: Never Give Up!

Her only Dream: A Family to call her own.

This story shares Mamie’s heroic battle to keep her dreams alive and hold on to her spirit. How she finds her way out of fifty-four years of abuse is yours to discover in her fascinating memoirs

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