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Maggie’s Kitchen Tails Dog Treat Recipes and Puppy Tales to Love

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Our book brings to you over 40 tried and tested recipes inspired by our need to find healthy recipes for our dogs and ones to share with yours. Some are accompanied with short stories that are from our own experiences with the dogs in the lives of three authors.




This book was written in honor of MaggieAnne Adkins who found her way in life after being abused and tossed away a thousand miles from where she lives today.

Volunteering at the Kitsap Humane Society had been our way of life from the dreadful date of March 22, 2013 after loosing our sweet Labrador, Sandy following her long bout of illnesses. Getting our “puppy fix” was our way to solve that loneliness until the magical appearance of Maggie Anne once known as Dazzle Me at the dog pound.

On January 4, 2014 though we thought we were not ready to adopt again, there came a small adorable puppy whose life had been anything but grand. She had been displaying fear and loneliness being distrustful and having been terribly abused at such a young age. She was a small black German/Australian Shepherd,Border Collie mix puppy that looked a bit like several breeds but we did not really know what was in her bloodline. We truly didn’t care because we loved her no matter what she might be.

Meet Maggie Anne.

It had been a difficult decision after we had lost Sandy but when we we held Maggie Anne, there was no doubt she was to be part of our family.

Because she was abandoned at the early age of about (7) seven weeks her stomach did not develop normally and we found ourselves baking and dehydrating all of her meals until she is old enough to fight on her own. All our recipes we have shared are human grade and you can eat them yourself!

The short stories in this recipe book are for your pleasure and ours. Douglas and I (Rosemary “Mamie” Adkins) along with Martha Char Love of Honolulu, Hawaii, come to you with our recipes and short stories to share with all of our canine friends.

Last but not least the three of us writers have found other canine friends we have loved or know and that we have also shared with you, our readers. Come meet many of them in Maggie’s Kitchen Tails Dog Treat Recipes and Puppy Tales To Love.

Our book supports groups fighting to make a better life for our fur friends through donations through the sales of our book and proud to be of help. Please adopt your next fur family member from Humane Society, where so many are living and some without hope. Each pet in these facilities has no one, owns nothing of their own and often not even a name.

Many Thanks,

Mamie, Doug and Martha


Maggie’s Kitchen Tails Dog Treat Recipes and Puppy Tales to Love brings to you over 40 tried and tested recipes inspired by our need to find healthy recipes for our dogs and ones to share with yours. Some are accompanied with short stories that are from our own experiences with the dogs in the lives of three authors. You will take the journeys with us, our dogs and even meet a burro and turkey on the way!

Recipes are all made with organic and/or human grade ingredients with some so good you may want to try it yourself! If suffering from wheat allergies, we suggest alternatives while we offer gluten free recipes as well as flours such as rice, almond, coconut and more.

Many of the recipes have been veterinarian accepted, offering an assortment with appetizers, snacks, main meals, training treats and desserts for that special birthday party or occasion.

In addition to our recipes and stories, you will find a list of ingredients/seasonings that are safe for your dogs, first aid tips, emergency assistance help and general useful tips. Meet one of our charities up close as they share their own tips, stories and backgrounds.

-Martha Love

Maggie’s Kitchen Tails was a hoot to read and learn how to create human grade food for dogs. I am a great animal lover and cook for my fur babies so this is a must have book. Guess what? The book is about treating your pets a valued family member. This book is ideal for any pet lover and I recommend you to read it! Great book!

-Carolyn Sutters


This is a great little book for animal lovers. The recipes are usable (some sound better than what are found in “human” cookbooks)and the stories are cute. You can tell that there is a lot of love of animals in putting this book together. Also, the profits are going to a great cause: saving abandoned pets.



How many ways can I describe this sweet book? Well, to begin, it was written with much love and compassion by three of the most fervent dog lovers I’ve ever had the pleasure to know and love. As a team, they devoted many weeks and months in the production mode to research and create this charming recipe and story book that belongs in every pet household and as a learning curve for anyone who is contemplating the adoption of a precious furry friend. If you’re looking for nutritional information, many chuckles and just plain puppy love, this is the book for you.

Throughout the entertaining pages of this delightful book, are many hints and nuggets of advice for keeping your pets healthy and happy. After all, they are a loving part of your family and deserve to be ‘treated’ as such.

Learn the heartfelt values of rescuing a needy pet and you’ll never need to look elsewhere.

-Linda Hales


This book is a must-have for every animal lover. The recipes are great and adventuresome in some cases, and the stories about dogs are irresistible. I was especially drawn to Maggie’s Kitchen Tails because I have Celiac disease and cannot eat gluten. The authors provide gluten-free recipes in addition to vegetarian ones. This is important because sometimes your dog will get sick and you won’t know what the cause or problem is. Some of these recipes can help the dog owner to avoid such a situation. We all want our pets to be healthy because they are like members of our family. We also want to give them treats which they will enjoy.

This book was hard to put down. Five stars all the way.

-John Rosenman


I love this beautiful book and it will make a great gift for the dog owners in my family! The stories are fun and the recipes look delicious, simple and healthy for dogs. I like that the ingredients are often what one would have on hand and easy to find in the stores. Also, the information in the appendixes on dog safety and nutrition are so valuable for dog owners. Highly recommend!

-Gail Avrill


This is the best dog book that I have found that has the best recipes! This is a must have for your collection! The stories are heartwarming and all true! I had the distinct pleasure to meet the authors. They are super wonderful and loving people! Their love for dogs is evident throughout the book as the love just flows through the pages!

This would be a great book for anyone who loves dogs! I highly recommend it!

-Debbie Peterson


This book is full of heartwarming and entertaining true stories and includes a plethora of healthy dog snacks, treats, and entrees. Doug’s Corner throughout the book is particularly entertaining. I’ve already made and tried the Swimmin’ Salmon Dog Treats (page 91) and my dog loves them. He’s also tried their dog cookies from their cookie mixes. This book also supports charities with a portion of the proceeds going to those charities. I also really like the appendix of seasonings that are safe for your dog. I look forward to trying more of the recipes and enjoying the stories in the book!

-Carla Peterson